Employment Law

Employment law is a fast evolving area which involves contracts, human rights, bullying and harassment issues, and workplace safety. We’re up to date on all the issues and how changes in the law affect you.

Employers should get legal advice when drafting contracts for their employees or when letting someone go in order to avoid costly mistakes and potential litigation. A solid legal foundation means that business owners can concentrate on what they do best – running their business – instead of protracted legal disputes.

Employees are often faced with challenging situations at work, and need good advice about what their legal rights are so that they can make sound decisions based on the right information. We know that when we’re talking about your job,  we’re also talking about your life, your house, and your future.

The lawyers at Ramsay Lampman Rhodes are experienced with the legal challenges of today’s workplace, and will focus on advocating for your interests, whether you’re drafting a contract for an exciting new opportunity, or you’re involved with a lawsuit.

Employment Law Lawyers

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